Easter Sunday Wedding Shoot

Nestled in the heart of the Piney Woods region of Texas, Jefferson is steeped in history. In fact, the city boasts over seventy historic landmarks, restored buildings, museums, and well-preserved homes. Our Easter Sunday Started With An Early Lunch Chosen By The Father Of The Bride. Auntie Skinner's Riverboat Restaurant & Club In Jefferson Is Famous For It's Name And Location Not to Mention The Food and Service Was Fantastic. Our Day Began With A Few Rules For Photographers Who Are Planning To Shoot A Wedding There. Now This Is Not Uncommon That Photographers Run Into This Sorta Situation. But I gotta Tell You It Was Our First Time Having A Sheet Of Paper Handed To Us With Rules Regarding Events At Our days Location. As Photographers We Always Are Thinking Out Of The Box, So After Discussing Everything We  Were Ready To Go.We Finished Lunch And Made our Way to United Methodist Church Just up The Street. We Had Arrived And Excited Not To Mention Very Nervous About Things LOL. During the  Two Weeks Leading Up To  The Big Day My Son Alex Told Me In A Discussion I Was Stressing  Him Out About The Upcoming Wedding. Now The Reason I Brought That Up Is Because Everything Changed LOL And So When We  Arrived At The Church Alex Was All About Why We Were There And What Our Mission Was And Now He was Stressing Me Out LOL. It Was A Fantastic Day, We Shot Over 500 Photos and Most Important We Got To Share some Time Together And Spend The Day Doing Something I believe I can Say "A Passion" Taking Photos And Doing Our Best For Those We Are Photographing And Having Been Given The Privilege Of Shooting There Beautiful Wedding.