Meet Our Photographers

Family Is Everything.

Brian T. Willett


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Our Passion

Every photographer is unique in a sense, each and everyone has there own style or artistic views and equipment preference. Their experience also sets the stage for their ability to add artistic style when it comes to creating art through photography.   Any Photographer no matter any of the circumstances listed in the last paragraph can take fantastic photos without ever have taken a photo in there life and picking up a camera for the very first time. Photography can be a hobby, an interest, or too many people it's simply a convenient and inexpensive way to capture and preserve a  moment caught in time, so they can keepsake and share their memories with friends and family. There are a few commonalities that many photographers share, and its what makes taking photos so rewarding. Passion Is why we continue to learn and to improve our skills, and the more time we spend getting familiar with our camera, the more likely our photos will be Great and as we learn the better we become provides interest in picking up or camera periodically during the course of a day or grabbing our gear pack before leaving out the door just because a photo opportunity just may present itself and this is where our passion for photography Grows the ability to draw a camera out quickly to capture photos creates more excitement in creating something beautiful. gives us even more reason to pick up the camera and shoot. Bayou State Photography was established by Brian T Willett. I am excited about learning and improving my skills and technique so I can continue to take better photos not only for my own personal satisfaction, but the rewards that come with taking fantastic photos for others, and sharing there captured moments with them that they will treasure for a lifetime.